Agnes010YourYoga offers yoga (along with pilates and yogalates) classes in the workplace.
By giving your workers easy access to yoga training you increase their life quality by helping their body and mind function most effectively. Advantages include not only flexible and stronger body but also, among other things, sharp focus and lower stress level, which results in higher work efficiency, satisfaction and fewer workplace absences.

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Yoga Private classes 

for youAgnes008 who:

  • want to begin to practice yoga
  • who want learn the technique and lessen the risk of injuries
  • want to increase mobility, joint stability, body control and flexibility
  • are ready to take the next step and learn advanced yoga poses
  • want to iclude relaxation, breathing techniques and mindfluness in everyday life
  • feel ready to start an advanced yoga practice where Yoga is approached as a whole: Body, Mind and Spirit


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